Tuesday, 20 March 2012

QRcode.cx: Easily Create QR Codes In Any Color & Display Them On Items.

QR codes are still around. Love them or hate them, people continue to find new ways to use them for various tasks. QRcode.cx is a website for creating your own QR code that has nearly anything you want. You can put contact information, a URL, a message and almost anything else your heart desires. You can also change the color of your QR code to an abundance of colors.

In addition to generating the code on this site, you can also have your code printed on one of many physical objects. You can get a t-shirt, a hat, a bag and a slew of other items. This can be used as a very creative promotional tool for business. It would look kind of odd to have your entire company line on a shirt, but to embed it in a QR code looks a lot cleaner.

You can save your code as a PNG or EPS file once you are finished. They also offer an embed code to display the result on a website or blog.


1.> Easily create custom QR codes in any color.
2.> Embed almost anything you can imagine in the code.
3.> Print your code on different physical items.
4.> Saves in PNG or EPS format.
6.> Embed code for created QR code.

Find qrcode.cx from here @ www.qrcode.cx

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