Sunday, 25 March 2012

Facebook Timeline Banners: Collection Of Banner Images For Your Facebook Timeline.

The new Facebook timeline, which will automatically replace the old profile design for everyone, requires that you put a nice banner image at the top in order to prevent your profile from looking lifeless. You can actually put any picture from your photos there and Facebook will resize it accordingly but if you want to try out new and different images then Facebook Timeline Banners has them for you. All kind of banners for your timeline are there on the site, just right-click and download to your computer and then upload it to Facebook.

The site also has a number of categories ranging from abstract to funny, games to illusions and so on. You may also conduct searches if you are looking to find a specific type of banner image.


1.> Collection of Facebook Timeline banners.
2.> Lot of images under various categories available.

Check out Facebook Timeline Banners from here @

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