Sunday, 18 March 2012

Nyanit: Let Nyan Cats Invade A Webpage.

If you are a heavy user of YouTube and follow the videos that go super-viral now and then then you probably know about the Nyan cat video that went viral in April of this year. It had these GIF animated cats and the song was Japanese and went like
“Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya..” The term Nyan cats became popular after that, and this site called Nyanit lets you have Nyan cats hovering over and ultimately covering a webpage, just like it was in the video. All you need to do is enter the webpage url in the box they provide on their homepage.

You could also directly type, for example, and then see the Nyan cats flying from one end to the other of the webpage and slowly growing bigger in size. It’s a fun tool to play with if you like Nyan cats.


1.> Have Nyan cats spread and invade a webpage
2.> Just type to get the effect

Check out Nyanit from here @

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