Monday, 19 March 2012

Report claims Samsung to manufacture handsets running on BB 10 OS.

When Google announced its decision to acquire Motorola Mobility, last year, a number of OEMs, though showed their support, were not necessarily in favour of the yet incomplete deal. One of these OEMs is Samsung who have a history of having a close relationship with Google and have partnered with Google in launching the Galaxy Nexus handset. As per a report by Barrons, analyst Collin Gills with BGC Partners believes that Samsung will invest a minority share of 1.5 billion in Research in Motion and will develop smartphones based on the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system.

The analyst says that Samsung is nervous, as are others about Google’s intentions with respect to Motorola Mobility, which it is acquiring and how that will shift things for Android licensees, like Samsung. The report states, “One answer is to use Samsung’s homegrown Bada operating system. Another is to use Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, expected later this year. And, indeed, Gillis sees this as being 'the year Windows Phone” gets traction.” In regard to this, Gillis states that he’s a believer.

Gillis is certain that there have been talks between Research in Motion and Samsung and he states that RIM needs Samsung more than the other way around. Referring to Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins' thoughts on Samsung or other partners, Gillis said, “Obviously new management has been sitting down and saying, maybe we could extend the platform and bring something new into the ecosystem.”

This is not the first time BB 10 is associated with another manufacturer as a related report from TechnoBuffalo says that analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies & Co.’s states, “We think some of this has already been started with RIM likely agreeing to license Blackberry 10 to Samsung, HTC, and possibly others.This would help create a critical mass for the ecosystem and maintain RIM’s monthly service revenue; however, it puts more pressure on the hardware business in the short term. Longer term, it possibly gets people hooked on the RIM ecosystem and may in fact allow them to sell more BB 10 handsets (if they are able to create compelling handsets).”

Though it appears that Samsung will invest $1.5 billion in RIM, the brand will only get a minority stake in the company and not an outright buyout as the Canadian government will not allow the same.

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