Saturday, 24 March 2012

Nokia testing Play To for Windows Phone.

Nokia has announced a new streaming application for its Windows Phone devices, called Play To, which basically is DLNA for media playback on multiple devices. With the “Play To” application for Nokia Lumia phones, you can show pictures and videos wirelessly on other DLNA capable devices (TV’s, BlueRay players, Mediaplayer in Windows 7, etc…) connected to their network. At present, this application is in Beta testing phase and hence they are inviting early adopters to give it a try on their Nokia Lumia phones. To test the device, the users need to download the application and try it at home with a DLNA-capable device, and let them know if it worked or not (for example, by writing a review if it worked, or submitting a bug report if it doesn't work).

In case you are jumping onto the testing bandwagon, we’ll remind you that a few details are needed. First up, the type of router you were using, the make and model of the DLNA device (TV, Blu-Ray player, etc) you were connecting to or trying to connect to. Another piece of valuable information would be if theTV/Blu-Ray player was connected to the network via a cable or connected wirelessly. At present, the application is not available for download via the Marketplace, so you will have to hop on to this link, download the app and document your review. Future releases of the application are planned to also include support for music.

Nokia is also planning a console version, soon enough and that’s definitely good news. However, what’s strange in this is why isn’t Microsoft figuring this out by themselves? Considering they already have consoles, PCs and phones in the market, and it only makes more sense now than ever. Anyway, Nokia isn’t really waiting for it to come officially for WP devices and hence have gone and done this on their own. Definitely a welcome addition if you own a Nokia WP7 device.

Have any of you tested this app on your Windows Phone 7 device already? Let us know how it fared in the comments section below.

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