Sunday, 25 March 2012

JunkBox: Conveniently Sell Your Stuff Through Facebook.

Instead of throwing your stuff away, you should first check if any of your friends need it. Normally to do this online you would have to upload the item pictures and information on a separate forum or page, and then share selling links on Facebook with friends. An app called JunkBox provides help to make the process far more convenient.

JunkBox is an application for Facebook users that lets them share their items for sale on Facebook. After authorizing Facebook access to the application you can begin uploading pictures of the things you want to sell. You can add information such as prices and descriptions. The app lets you tell all your friends about your items so you can start making money and giving your used items a second life. You can also browse what people have put up for sale on the app. You can check out what your friends are trying to give away and grab anything that you need.


1.> A user-friendly web service.
2.> Works as a Facebook application.
3.> Lets you put things up for sale.
4.> Helps people make use of things you no longer need.
5.> Lets you browse what others have up for sale.

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