Thursday, 29 March 2012

Image-Resizer: Easily Edit Images From Your Browser.

If you need to edit images online quickly and easily without resorting to downloading software, you should check out Image-Resizer. It couldn’t be easier to upload a PNG or JPG image and quickly change some basic features about it. Of course, this isn’t Photoshop, so it can’t do anything crazy, but for easily changing features like the size or adding basic effects, this is one of the quicker solutions on the web.

It is able to accept images in JPG or PNG, and can output in either of those. You can also add some basic effects to your image. You can make it black and white, sepia and even invert the colors. You can select whether the image should be stretched proportionately. You can rotate an image easily as well. It’s your one stop shop for basic image editing without installing software.


1.> Edit images from your browser.
2.> Export in PNG or JPG.
3.> Change image size, add basic effects and rotate images with ease.
4.> Save image locally or online when finished.
5.> Add text over the image.

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