Thursday, 22 March 2012

NoteWagon: Make Money By Selling Your Notes.

Do you take many notes? If you do, then you might want to check out Notewagon where you could benefit from those little scribbles and papers.

Notewagon is a website that allows people to make money from their good notes. Whether you have Study Guides, Practical Problems, or chapter summaries, Notewagon can help you make some cash from these notes.

To get started, make an account on Notewagon with all the required details entered, such as your school name, your major and classes. Then you can upload your handwritten or digital typed notes to their designated category.
Students can preview them and buy if they find them useful. Notewagon will take a 30% – 50% cut of the price. Which is good as the student gets a good amount of money for each note.


1.> Free and easy to use.
2.> Earn money from writing notes and spreading knowledge.
3.> Earn from upto 2$ – 20$ for notes, practical guides and comprehensive course study guides, etc.

Check out Notewagon from here @

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