Friday 19 August 2011

Symbian Anna Has Arrived.

Nokia has finally rolled out the Symbian Anna update for its N8, C7, E7 and C6-01. According to, this update is available in most parts of Europe and Asia, and the remaining regions will be covered as early as next week.

What's new in Anna:
1.> QWERTY keypad in portrait mode and split screen text input.
2.> Revamped browser, based on an updated webkit. Includes an improved address bar, always visible back button, and a Quick Menu Access button.
3..> New touch-friendly icons with rounded edges.
4.> Ovi Maps 3.6 with improved search, ability to share a location via SMS, public transport overlays to map view, and the ability to download country maps directly to the device over the air.
5.> Minor updates for Calendar, Photos, and Mail applications.
7.> The C7's NFC (Near Field Communication) hardware will be activated by the update. This technology allows you to share data with other devices by simply tapping them together.
Reportedly improves memory management, and thereby the performance as well.

You can update your Symbian^3 device using the latest version of Ovi Suite. If you happen to have Wi-FI access, just key in *#0000# to update the device using the Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) system.

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