Tuesday 2 August 2011

Helioid: Refine & Categorize Search Results

Helioid is a new entrant in the Google-dominated search engine space that wants to help you refine your search results by checking the categories it comes up with when you search for a query. I searched for iPhone, and the categories that came up were Apps, iPad, Apple iPhone, Cases, etc, which are obviously all relevant. The list of categories are on the left, and the search results on the right. Hovering the mouse cursor on a category lets you show or hide results specific to that category in the search results.

The main problem I encountered was that there was no easy way of isolating the results for a particular category. You actually need to hide all the others which isn’t very convenient. Otherwise, the results are good and the interface isn’t bad either.

Update from Helioid: “One slight inaccuracy, though, in that it was possible to isolate single categories by clicking on the circle next to the topic name and selecting the “only” option. It’s become clear that this was a little on the opaque side, so the site’s been modified to make this functionality a little clearer. ”


1.> Categorize and refine search results.
2.> Clutter free user interface.
3.> Show or hide categories by hovering the mouse pointer

Visit Heliod @ http://www.helioid.com/

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