Tuesday 23 August 2011

Now Google+ updates show up in Gmail

Google’s habit of slowly evolving a product through its phases will effect Google+, as well. The adoption of Google+ was quick and as people continue to move to the newly launched social networking site, Google has been busy at work adding features to Google+, along with integrating the social networking site into other services. In this case, Gmail will start showing Google+ posts by the contacts in the right pane. The right pane is usually reserved for related advertisements, as well as recent events and mails from the recipient of the mails. The widget is currently being rolled across Gmail accounts around the world, so it might be a day or two before you see it in your Gmail account.

Other examples of this integration of services can be seen in YouTube. YouTube’s new Google Plus Hangout feature, which we talked about yesterday allows several users to watch the same YouTube video in real-time. There are also other features that are being added. Google started adding verified accounts to its database, much like Twitter’s verified account system for celebrities and well known figures.

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