Wednesday 31 August 2011

Microsoft reveals some more of Windows 8.

Microsoft’s popular software, Windows is undergoing a change, and they let out some more glimpses of the latest one, Windows 8. In a blog post, authored by Alex Simons, a part of the project management team, several additions are being made on the platform before it is introduced to its lot of anxious users. Among those changes are ones being made to a Windows Explorer, thereby helping it improve the way it interacts with the yet-to-be-released Windows 8 OS. Users could expect to view a tab on their Windows Explorer, nicknamed the ‘ribbon’, which would be found useful by those who essentially weren't 'power users'. The ribbon would add a new face to the layout, with more 'streamlined' placement of icons on the browser.

Among other additions that users can expect Windows 8 to pack, include support for ISO and VHD files. Microsoft believes that by providing access to these file formats in the upcoming Windows 8 would make the process of accessing huge amounts of stored data in ISO and VHD formats with ease. When first mentioned in June, Microsoft had added that Windows 8 was built such that it could be used across platforms with varied operations, which included devices from the humble desktop, to a new-age tablet. At the D9 conference, attendees caught some more glimpses of the features of the Windows 8, including better interface of Windows' mobile platform, Windows Phone 7. In the post, Simons underlined Microsoft's three main goals in mind, while taking Windows 8 into perspective. He added that the 'most used' commands on Windows would be placed in the most prominent positions of the UI, thereby reducing, if not eliminating the search period. They would also look at bringing back some of MS's hits in the times to come.

More glimpses are being promised at Microsoft's Developer's Conference in Anaheim, California, beginning from September 13. Alternatively, the video below should quench some anxiousness.

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