Wednesday 31 August 2011

New Android App Allows BT Connectivity with PlayStation Controllers

Dancing Pixel Studios have released a new paid Android App that control your wireless device, with a little complex setup. Also, this application does not work without root access and according to the company, is incompatible with most HTC devices and newer Samsung devices as they do not have the required Bluetooth protocol.

For the rest of you here’s what you got to do to get that PlayStation controller up and running with your Android phone. Firstly, check device compatibility using their free ‘SixAxis Compatibility Checker’ app on the Android Market. If your device is supported, you can purchase the ‘SixAxis Controller’ app from the Market. Thereafter, download the SixAxisPairTool from their website and manually connect your controller to the PC. This has to be done only the first time, for every new device you connect your controller to. The phone’s Bluetooth address needs to be fed to the software on the PC, which enables the Bluetooth connection. Here’s a quick instruction manual and a video from the developers on how to get the whole thing to work

Wait, there’s more! Care for multiplayer action on a portable form factor? There’s good news for you then, as this application supports connection for four controllers at-a-time! Now, if somebody could just get us this floatation stand for Android phones, we’d be happy gamers! And while we’re still at it, how about 1080p games running on phones synced via DLNA to your HDTV!

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