Friday 5 August 2011

How to Use Social Media Tools for Marketing to Spread Your Message

If you are a business or brand, you know how critical it is to not only use traditional marketing methods to advertise your product or service, but also use tools like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and YouTube to reach a wider and broader audience. Traditional PR is, of course, still critical, but almost every person now consumes some form of media via social media platforms. Knowing what these tools are and how to use them to spread your message is critical for success in today’s world.

One of the most important social media tools to utilize in spreading your message is Facebook. With over 700 million users, almost everyone who is in the market to buy something is on Facebook — or knows someone who is. Facebook has a type of profile page designed specifically for businesses and brands called Pages, which allows you to attract fans of your brand and post messages about your product or service that are appearing on your fans’ Facebook walls. These posts can be shared by your fans, which makes it easier to spread your message. Facebook pages also feature the ability to track the statistics of your fans and your messages so you can see if you are attracting the right market, and if your messaging is working.

Another social media tool that can help spread your message is Twitter. With Twitter, you can talk about your product and share related news and information in 140 characters or less to followers of your brand’s Twitter account. These tweets can easily be retweeted by others, which can then be retweeted by their followers, spreading your message even further. To make sure that the most people read your message and potentially share it, you will want to attract followers and potentially target your message to key influencers. To find followers who are interested in your brand and find key influencers, you can use a directory of Twitter profiles like Listorious, which categorizes Twitter users into lists by interest or activities.

You can also use social media tools like blogs and YouTube to spread your message. Blogs are a great way to write about your product and reference other links, which can then be used as a reference and linked back to in your posts on Facebook or Twitter, where brevity is most preferred. YouTube is also a great way to talk about your brand or product. If your video is especially interesting or funny, your initial viewers will share it with their followers and friends, which will continue to spread your message.

Whichever social media tool you use, you will want to be sure you are using the tool that will help you spread your message best. This means going where your audience is, and knowing what your audience prefers. If you find your audience does not watch many YouTube videos but is very active on Twitter, you will want to devote your attention accordingly.


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