Tuesday 30 August 2011

Google+ gets Translate service in Chrome

Often in Google+, users will share a link in a language other than English. To save you the trouble of opening a new tab or window to access a translation service like Google translate, Google's built Translate into the Chrome browser as an extension for Google+. You can see the Translate extension in the same line as the +1, Comment and Share icons. The Translate feature exists on every link or update that is shared, no matter which language the post is shared in or what your native language is. This however, could be resource friendly as it might take a lot of processing power to go through a page and detect a post in a foreign language.

When you click on Translate for any post, you get your translated text instantly, without a page reload. The extension sets translated text against a yellow background on the Google+ page. The colour that the extension shows up in can be switched to a colour other than yellow in the extension options. In the same screen of extension options, you can also choose to turn off the Translate service by unchecking the box that reads "Always Add to Google+". You can also choose which language you'd like to translate all your text to. Google+ users who use Chrome and want to download the Translate extension can do so from the Chrome web store from here.

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