Tuesday 23 August 2011

Camera update for Nokia N8 brings improved UI and video recording

After the Anna Update, now a camera update for the Nokia N8, this will definitely bring some smiles to Nokia fans . Nokia’s Symbian UI is considered sluggish and outdated by many when it's compared to other mobile OS', but with thiseffort, Nokia is trying to fight back hard and are showing definite signs of improvement. They might not be at the same level as they once were but they're certainly not willing to go down without a fight.

The update will be pretty major and it fetaures a refreshed camera UI and upgraded video recording quality. As per Nokia Beta Labs, the update with the tweaked camera Interface will provide faster access to essential camera controls. The most noticeable feature to this update is that it brings tremendous improvement in the quality of the videos while recording by boosting the frame rate to 30fps. The update also brings the much awaited Continuous Auto-Focus (CAF) while recording videos.

So far this is just the beta stage and improvements will be added later on. Users who want to give it a try can do so by visiting to the Nokia Beta Labs website (http://betalabs.nokia.com/?req=true) and complete the registration process. Make sure your N8 is running on the latest Symbian Anna update.

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