Tuesday 9 August 2011

Video Showing Google's Chromium OS for Tablets.

Google’s Chrome team seems to be working on a version of their Chromium OS for tablets, if a video by François Beaufort, a web developer, is to be believed. Switching over from users wanting to run the Chromium OS on their notebooks, the Chromium OS for tablets does seem to be in development stages, at best.

A few of the interesting things that can be observed from the video is the sleek-looking virtual keyboard and the instant URL suggestion option that runs horizontally, whilst saving on some much required viewing space on a tablet. The buttons and icons seem larger, which makes it easier to access via touch; however, users might face some difficulty trying to click on the minimize, maximize and close buttons on the top right hand corner.

The mouse pointer in the video definitely slows down the entire experience and the User Interface still looks a bit rusty, but obviously those aspects should be covered once a finished version comes out. Stay tuned to this space for more details.

Below is a video giving a idea of what Google’s Chromium OS could look like for tablets.

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