Friday 26 August 2011

Angry Birds-styled Anna Hazare game hits the web.

Anna Hazare is the latest storm to have taken over not only India, but the world too, for obvious reasons. With the influence of the protests, and the rampant corruption every aspect seems to have got the Anna hue. The latest to have caught the fad, is an Angry Birds-like modelled game, aptly titled Angry Anna.

As the name suggests, the protagonist, Anna Hazare is an angry Indian citizen fed-up with corruption eating into the nation's functioning. Alongwith him are his anti-corruption brigade. Their faces replace the 'birds' in the original game, whereas the 'pigs' in the game, obviously are the corrupt politicians. The game progresses with Anna and his brigade waiting in-line to try their aim at the corrupt politicians with their seasoned slingshots.The game primarily consists of four levels, and the anti-corruption leaders, or the 'birds'achieve promotion to the next level when they destroy the corrupt politicians posed to them at each level. The 'pigs', like in the original game are placed on structures of different kinds, and are located at different distances from the birds on the sling.

Developed by Noida-based technology start-up, Geek Mentors Studio, Angry Anna seems to have been launched with a purpose, that of supporting the swelling Anna movement in India against corruption. According to an afaqs! report, the gameplay, although still being improved upon to get rid of bugs has garnered popularity within just a day of the launch (August 24, 2011), and has hit 42,000 already. Team AnnaIf you wish to show your support to Anna's cause, albeit with this game, you could do so by visiting from here

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