Sunday 28 August 2011

Identify Songs on Your Phone with Soundhound

There have been countless times I at a coffee shop when I’ve heard a song and wished there was not only an easy way to identify it, but also keep track of where I heard it and access other information about the song to share with friends. A new app for the iPhone and Android called Soundhound makes all this and more possible.

Many smartphone users are already familiar with Shazam, which “listens” to songs played and checks the audio against a database to identify the song. Soundhound goes a step further, and not only identifies the song but also provides lyrics, a direct link to download the track on iTunes, social sharing features to tell your friends and followers about the song, and a geolocation tag for future reference. If it turns out you already own the song on your iPod, you can tap to instantly play the track on your iPhone. You can also hum or “talk” a song yourself and use Soundhound to identify an unknown song stuck in your head.

While Soundhound is free with an option to upgrade and go ad-free, Shazam requires a subscription to access the music and related data it identifies in addition to paying for the app if you want to identify more than five songs per month. And one major bonus for Soundhound users in the US who also use Spotify is on the way; Soundhound has partnered with Spotify to allow Soundhound users to stream an identified song from the Spotify app. This feature is already available for Soundhound and Spotify Premium users in Europe.

Free, ad-supported version of Soundhound for iOS from here

$6.99, ad-free version of Soundhound for iOS from here

If you are an Android user, check out Soundhound for more information and to download the app.

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