Tuesday 9 August 2011

Fetch.io: Download, Stream & Share Large Torent Files

Are you an avid torrent user who likes to download large video files? Then you should check out Fetch.io, a media storage service that specially caters to people who like to download video torrent files but who don’t want to wait too long to be able to watch them. This web service can download the torrent for you to a remote server at a very fast speed so that you can access it, stream it, or share it with your friends.

Fetch.io is still at beta stage and they are currently accepting members. As of now, the service is free and each account gets 20GB of storage and 40GB of bandwith. To download files to your Fetch.io account, simply put in the link of the file in the Fetch.io website. Users may also download files from other cyberlockers such as RapidShare, Megaupload, Hotfile, and many more. The downloaded media files are also automatically encoded as MP4 and Flash, so that you will not have any problem playing them with any device.

Fetch.io is a new alternative way to download your video torrents aside from the more traditional and slower torrent desktop clients. Try Fetch.io now before the beta signup closes.


1.> Download media files from various sources fast into a remote server.
2.> Supports Bittorent, Rapidshare, Megaupload, MediaFire, Hotfile, Netload.in, FIlesonic,
3.> Easy-share, Megashare, and FIleserve.
4.> Skip waiting times and downloads files faster.
5.> Downloaded files are automatically extracted and encoded into MP4 and flash.
6.> Downloaded files can be streamed.
7.> Equipped with multiple GigE pipes for maximum bandwidth speed.
8.> Open API platform.
9.> Beta users are given 20GB of storage and 40GB of bandwidth for free.
10.> Unused bandwidth rolls over into the next month.

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