Sunday 21 August 2011

Help Your Staff Manage Stress

Even at the best of times, life can definitely be stressful, and today’s turbulent economy and sometimes bleak business environment only add to the stress. If you’re in a managerial position at your job, part of your role is to help your staff get through times of stress, whether they are experiencing stress at home, overwhelmed with their workload, or concerned about their job. No one likes to feel like they’re facing their problems alone, so being supportive and doing all that you can do to help your coworker (who may also be a friend) overcome their obstacles and bear their burdens can make a world of positive difference.

So how can you, as a manager, make it easier for your staff to weather the storm? Here are a few suggestions for helping your staff deal with stress.

Offer a new perspective. Try to help them see their situation in a positive light. This is best achieved by asking them how they could view or approach the situation differently.
Meet with your staff often during stressful times. Many people just appreciate the opportunity to talk about a stressful situation.

In cases where the stress is work related, provide them with some reassurance. For example, if they are stressed about their workload, provide some reassurance that the situation is only temporary. Help staff keep the bigger picture in view. Help them see what’s important in a larger context.

Provide staff with the facts about work situations that may be causing stress. When people lack awareness, they tend to speculate which only increases stress levels. Provide staff with enough information to alleviate their stress.Maintain a sense of humor. You can always find a light side in even the most difficult situations.Keep your staff in-the-know during stressful times. Knowing what to expect in the short term goes a long way in alleviating people’s anxiety and stress.

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