Wednesday 31 August 2011

Spot a bug on Facebook and they will pay you!

Security is an issue that no firm would downplay, especially not when millions have been lost due to loopholes in the security systems. Taking the initiative further, with help from none other than its 750 million user base is Facebook, with its latest initiative, promptly called - 'bug bounty' security initiative. Under its Bug Bounty security initiative, Facebook will reward those who expose the loopholes in its security systems.

Facebook adds that in its three-week stint so far, it has already given out rewards worth $40,000. To those who just spot a bug, Facebook will pay $500 at least, while those others with impressive findings will be paid more, as per the findings. Currently receiving entries from over 16 countries round the globe, Facebook's initiative is not only open to hard-core security researchers, but also to those who treat hacking as a mere hobby.

Interestingly, Facebook is going the extra mile to convince bug-hunters that even if the methods they use to intrude into Facebook's systems are not legal, they would not face any legal action, whatsoever. To facilitate the same, Facebook stated that it has got in touch with several such third-party institutions who ensured that the social networking giant's policy covered white hat hackers. If you would like to share your expertise, and help Facebook tighten its loose strings, then you can enroll yourself in the bug bounty program. For more details on the same, click here.

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