Friday 26 August 2011

HP Touchpad running Android for sale on eBay.

HP’s Touchpad seems to be currently trending as the world’s most talked about gadget – with the Touchpad gold rush, to developers trying to run Android, to a bounty ($2000!) to port it to Android! Now, a few users have already got Android on their Touchpad and here’s how.

In what seems like quite a surprising case, one of the buyers of the HP Touchpad claimed that his model came bundled in with Google’s Android 2.2 OS. The only possible explanation could be that a developer version mistakenly got mixed with the sales pieces. For the convenience of other buyers, he’s uploaded the ROM dump online, put up a few videos on YouTube and has also put it on sale on eBay.

According to Engadget, the ROM dump has been made available on RootzWiki. To make it clear, ROM dumps will enable everyone owning an HP Touchpad to run the Android OS. The ROM can be downloaded from here. Also, the Touchpad running Android has already been put up for sale on eBay and its current bid is a whopping $860 – almost eight times the amount HP is selling it at. His video shows Android 2.2 currently running on the Touchpad. From what can be seen, it seems like a pretty stable version of the operating system. The full video can be viewed below.

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