Wednesday 17 August 2011

Firefox 6 is Ready for Download

Since the folks at Mozilla have improved the new Firefox 6 claiming that it is the fastest Firefox browser they have ever produced, I installed it this morning onto my Windows system. I have been using it most of today and if you wish to experiment with it you can download it for Windows, OS X, and Linux at the links below.

Firefox 6 for Windows:

Firefox 6 for Linux:

Firefox 6 for OS X:

Here are my observations:

In the past I have addressed Firefox’s memory issues and hoped that the new version would have fixed the problem. However, after using Google’s Chrome I found that both browsers are memory hogs as they each show memory use of between 250 and 300 MB when running multiple tabs separately. As a result I now believe that since both browsers cache pages to speed up browsing, this is just the price we have to pay.

I was pleased, though, with Firefox’s improved add-on manager and with the new look of Mozilla’s add-ons site. This may have impressed me more than most as I haven’t used Firefox since version number 5, meaning that this was a new feature for me. To me the actual add-ons are the biggest plus for using Firefox and I was pleased to note that there are more add-ons for Firefox than for Chrome.

In my personal opinion, I currently believe that there is little advantage between IE, Firefox, and Chrome browsers and that all of the browsers are equal in speed and performance. This then places all previous, past claims that one browser is more secure than the other as ancient history. That means that in today’s arena we find ourselves with better browsing products that are bringing the era of browser wars to an end.

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