Monday 1 August 2011

2 Ways to Find New iPhone Apps You’ll Love

I love apps. Finding new cool things to do with your phone is always fun, but it feels like sometimes its not as easy as it could be. There are thousands and thousands of apps in the App Store, but not that many ways of finding cool ones unless you know exactly what you are looking for. Luckily, there are some solutions for finding new apps that you might not have heard of.

Use Discovr Apps

Discovr Apps is a new free app that makes it easy and fun to find new apps that interest you. Discovering apps with Discovr is simple: just type in the name of an app you already know you like to get started, and Discovr will start plotting a mind map-esque graph of apps that are similar to the one you entered. You can double tap any app to read more about it, or single tap on it to show apps that are related to the app you tapped on. Using this map format, you can easily explore all the different apps in a given category and easily browse through things that might interest you. If your map starts to get too big, you can pinch and pull to zoom in or out and focus on only one part of the app chart.

As you can see in the screenshot to the left, we started with Camera+, but by doing some tapping, the map quickly expanded to show us a whole new world of camera related apps that you might not have heard about. If you see one you like, you can tap a simple button inside the app to go right to the App Store page for it and download it to your phone. It’s simple, easy, and free.

The App Store Genius Mode

Something that a lot of iOS users have not discovered (because it’s kind of hidden) is the App Store’s “Genius” mode. Similar to “Genius” in iTunes for music, App Store Genius gathers information about the apps that you have on your phone and suggests new ones for you to download based on the information it has gathered.

To get to Genius, go to the Featured tab in the App Store, then select the Genius tab from the top of the screen next to New and What’s Hot. If you haven’t activated App Genius before, you’ll have to tap Turn on Genius and wait for a minute as your phone gathers information about the apps installed, but then you will get a nice list of suggestions, including what app you already have that promoted the suggestion, and how much Genius thinks you will enjoy the app, expressed in a star rating.

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