Saturday 27 August 2011

How to Run a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign?

Behind Google, one of the best resources for businesses looking to market a product, service, sale, or contest is with Facebook. Though Google is the most highly visited Website for search, Facebook accounts for the majority of time US Internet users spend on social sites as 73% of the total US Internet population each month visits Facebook. Businesses can harness the power of Facebook ads to reach this broad user base and advertise their services and products. Businesses should be aware of a few key components of developing a strategy for using Facebook ads. Here are five tips to help you run a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Be Prepared with a Budget.
Facebook ads are expensive, especially in comparison to placing ads on Google. setting a budget to spend on your ads, and set a cap for spending per day, rather than using a lifetime budget. This will allow you to analyze the effectiveness of your ads on a daily basis and adjust the settings — which can impact the price of the ads — as you analyze results. It will also prevent Facebook from spending your entire budget for the campaign on the first day.

Target Multiple Groups.
If you are running a campaign targeted to a broad demographic, consider creating several ads that reach several sub-groups of your target audience. If you are running a contest that appeals to different lifestyles, consider different ads for each type of person. Narrowing the target by making several ads per campaign has helped her see more results.

Rotate Ads.
If you are running a popular ad, or have launched a campaign for a popular product, be sure to switch out the ads regularly so Facebook users don’t get “ad blindness,” . If you’re running a campaign for more than a few days, create two or three batches of ads and “pause” each group after a few days and launch the next batch. This process can be repeated, and will help prevent your audience from ignoring your campaign, especially over a long period of time.

Don’t Use Stock Images or Headlines.
Just like Facebook users are most likely to ignore an ad from your campaign if they have seen it before, they are also likely to ignore an ad if they have seen components of it before. using your own image and create an accurate but attractive headline to drive results.

Use Direct Marketing.
If you are using ads to drive traffic to a product, service, or as another type of call to action, consider choosing a URL as the destination to direct your target audience right where they need to take action. Since you can change this URL for each ad within a campaign, you can use a different URL for each segment of your audience you are targeting if the components of your campaign vary within your target.

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