Monday 8 August 2011

Free TV for Google Chrome Users.

I have been trying a free extension application, designed for the Google Chrome browser, that makes it possible for you to view several thousand television stations through your browser. Sounds great, but before you climb on your roof to remove your antenna or discontinue your cable or satellite service, be aware that there are a few issues with this freebie. Some of these issues involve where in the world the stations are located, while others deal with various performance issues.

However, if you want to give it a try you can download the extension ‘TV Chrome’ for free at the Google Chrome Web Store. You will then need to verify that you have the Microsoft Windows Media Player plug-in installed, as the extension is designed to work in conjunction with this program. I found that with both of these correctly installed, the extension worked without any issues and I could access it via a TV Chrome icon that had been placed on my toolbar.

Upon clicking on the icon, the TV Chrome extension immediately fired up and I was able to take it for a quick spin, viewing television stations from around the world. To its credit, TV Chrome lists the stations by country and category, providing quick access to what you are looking for and finding stations very simple. However, I immediately noticed that while the extension worked very well in getting a station to come up, it was at times a hit or miss proposition since some countries aren’t as willing as others to provide quick access, or for that matter any access to their offerings.

These minor drawbacks are of little significance, however, since I found approximately 115 countries represented, allowing most anyone to find something that they would enjoy viewing. I felt that the offerings from these countries were great in representing what each of these countries had to offer and that, in itself, could be a great educational tool for students to view how people in other countries live. I also like the ability to search by category, which makes finding what you are looking for even easier.

Over all, my experience was positive and I believe that TV Chrome is worth a look to see if it meets your needs.

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