Wednesday 3 August 2011

Symbian Belle Extensive Preview on Nokia N8

Symbian 3’s latest incarnation, Anna, brought a much needed update to Nokia’s favourite operating system, but it was a bit too late to the party. If it was released about a year back, we would have given it a huge round of applause, but today, when you have Gingerbread and iOS 4 doing the rounds, it still looks unfinished. Nokia has promised the next version, codenamed ‘Belle’ to iron out all the creases. A ‘leaked’ video made its way to YouTube, which, for the first time gives an in-depth look at Symbian’s upcoming OS.

The video shows the Nokia N8 running Belle, which points to the fact that it will be upgradable in the near future. A couple of new features include an Android style pull down notification bar, new virtual keyboard and a new camera UI, among some few minor tweaks. While we don’t have any confirmation on when Belle will be out, it’s expected to arrive very soon. You can take the full tour from the video below.

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