Friday 15 July 2011

A User-Friendly & Customizable Online To Do List Manager : StrikeApp

There are numerous tools that let you create to-do lists. But many of these are either too basic or too complicated. Here to offer a perfect blend of simplicity with feature-richness and customizability is a web service called Strike App.

Strike App is a simple and free to use web service that lets you create and manage to-do lists. You start by naming your tasks list; this list is published under a unique URL that you should save for future visits.

Adding items to the tasks lists is very easy. Just type in the item and click on the green button. You can cross off tasks when they are completed; you can choose whether to keep the completed tasks visible, invisible, or at the bottom of the tasks list. The site also provides you with a few color themes for your Strike App workspace.


1.> Lets you create and manage task lists online.
2.> A user-friendly web service.
3.> Offers different themes.
4.> Publishes your tasks list under a unique URL.
5.> Lets you control how completed tasks are displayed.

Visit StrikeApp from here @

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