Sunday 24 July 2011

Get A Disposable Email Address & Receive Emails Anonymously @ Dudmail

Disposable email services let you quickly sign up for a service without providing your actual email address. While many such services exist online, if you want something that offers disposable email as well as anonymously receiving emails, you should check out Dudmail.

Dudmail is a free to use website that lets you get disposable email addresses. The site works in a very simple manner: you are given a URL on which you will find emails sent to your disposable email address. If at any time there is an email sent to your disposable address, simply visit the URL to read it.

In case you want to anonymously receive emails, you can sign up for an account on Dudmail with your real email address. Then you can have emails forwarded from your disposable email address to your current valid email address – you would be receiving emails from senders without them having your actual email address.


1.> A user-friendly web service.
2.> Lets you create a disposable email address.
3.> Lets you read emails by visiting a URL.
4.> Lets you anonymously receive emails.

Visit Dudmail @

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