Thursday 28 July 2011

Easily Export Your Facebook Events To Google Calendar

The world today is becoming more and more digital, with the world becoming so reliant on the Internet that even real world things happen alongside the Web. Sites like Foursquare and Yelp exist specifically for blending the real world and the Internet world into one coherent unit. Facebook gets in the mix with their events system. I can’t even remember the last time I have been to a party that wasn’t listed as a Facebook event.

However, what if you don’t use Facebook to keep track of your work calendar and doctor appointments? How can you merge your Facebook events and your professional events? Google has the answer, and it’s by simply importing your Facebook events to your Google calendar and having everything in one place.

Facebook comes with a little export button at the bottom that allows you to export events, but it isn’t the smoothest process and involves copying and pasting URL’s around, and honestly who wants to do that?

Set Up

To get everything up and running, you first need the Google Chrome extension which you can find here. Then install the extension. After the extension is installed you will need to restart Google Chrome to have the changes take effect. Then head on over to Facebook.

Using The Extension

As long as you have an event in your list, click on it and go to the event screen. At the top of the screen, right below the title, you will see the link “Add to Calendar.”

Clicking this will automatically take you into the event creation screen on Google Calendar. If you have not set up a Calendar on your Google account before, Google will ask for some basic information such as your time zone, your name and so on.

Once you are in the event screen you are given all the standard options such as adding other people to the event, making the event public or private, whether you would like an email notification, and even adding a map.

It even adds a link to the original Facebook event so you can easily jump back and forth between the original and your newly created Google event.

Once everything has been set to your liking, and you have added a pretty color to the event, click “save” and the event will show up in your Google Calendar.

Also Check out

Once you have merged all your Facebook events to Google Calendar you may want to check out the Google Calendar extension in the app store to work nicely along with your carefully chosen events. It allows you to keep all of your appointments close at hand, so you never miss any important appoinments.

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