Wednesday 6 July 2011

Back Up 5GB Of Files Online and share with friends

In the event when your computer faces any physical damage, all data backups on it would be useless. Therefore creating online backups of your data is a better move. There are many websites that let you upload your files online; but if you want to be able to securely share your uploaded files, you need to check out Boxnet.

Boxnet is a file hosting website with cool features. The most basic feature the site can be used for is data backup. Create an account on the site and start uploading your files. Files can be organized into folders. Additionally you can add tags and comments to each uploaded file. Files can be previewed within the site’s own interface. You can obtain preview URLs for each file and share it with your friends who can then comment on the file. Whether they can only preview the file, download it, both, or none at all is up to you.

Under its free account, Boxnet offers up to 5GB of overall storage and 25MB file size limit along with mobile application access. An advanced set of features including 500GB storage, Google Apps integration, desktop sync, and file tracking can be accessed through the premium account that costs $15 per month.


1.> A user-friendly website.
2.> Lets you store files online.
3.> Supports folder organization.
4.> Offers 5 GB of free online storage.
5.> Lets you share your files online.
6.> Lets you control whether friends can preview or download your files.

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