Wednesday 13 July 2011

Feature Rich Tool For Highlighting and Annotating Pages Online : Scrible

Doing online research has made student life much easier compared to the days of pen and paper. Still, you won’t be effective in sourcing and sorting through data without the right tools. Scrible is a new service that lets users annotate websites, convert them into various formats, and save online or share to friends.

The best thing about Scrible’s implementation is that it only requires a bookmark on your toolbar for it to work. To install, just drag the bookmark from Scrible’s homepage to your browser’s bar. It will then pop up to show its tools which include highlighting, annotations, manipulating text, and adding icons.

Scrible goes very quickly, allowing for quick, organized research. In addition, you can export to a Word document , share to friends, or save it to your Scrible dashboard where you can search and filter through your annotated pages.

Scrible is a useful for anyone who needs a light and easy way to annotate pages while working in the cloud.


1.> Highlight, add note boxes, and legends.
2.> Bookmark that annotates the web.
3.> Save pages for offline reading.
4.> Export and save annotated pages.

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