Saturday 16 July 2011

How to Change Google+ Privacy Settings.

One of the most recognizable differences between Google+ and other social networks is the inclusion of several easy-to-use privacy features. The most obvious privacy feature available on Google+ is circles, which allows you to filter who can see your updates as well as reshare them, limiting who beyond your circles can see these updates. Google+ also has additional privacy features, some of which can be accessed by clicking on the gear in the top right corner of Google+ and clicking on Google+ Settings. To start accessing your privacy settings for Google+, choose Profile and Privacy in the sidebar on the left.

Public Information. You can choose what information on your profile is visible to the public, or otherwise limited to specific individuals or circles. To change these settings, click the button next to Public Profile information labeled Edit visibility on profile. You will be redirected to edit your profile page. Hover over any area of your profile to change visibility settings for that module. You can change settings for any information about you, including removing the visibility of certain information. You can also choose the visibility of the button which allows people viewing your profile to email you. Just hover 0ver the button when editing your profile and then click on it to choose whether to Allow people to email me from a link on my profile. Then, choose who can email you. (Note that your actual email address will be hidden from the sender.) If you want to remove your Google+ profile from being included in search results, this option can be found at the bottom of your profile. Hover over and click the Search Visibility module and uncheck the box to Help others find my profile in search results to be excluded from search.

Network Visibility.
In addition to hiding profile information, you can also customize the visibility of the modules below your profile picture that show who is in your circles and what whose circles you are in. Just hover over this module, click it, and check or uncheck the boxes to show or hide each. You can also choose to only show people you have grouped in specific circles while also having the option to limit the visibility of this list to either anyone on the Web, or just your circles.

Circles are a unique feature of Google+ that allows you to choose who can read the updates you publish to Google+. When you publish a post on Google+, you can choose to limit who can read that post to specific circles or individuals, instead of posting it publicly. To manage who is in your circles, and to create new ones, click the circles button at the top of any Google+ page. Then, drag people from the top half of the screen into the circle of your choice below. You can create a new circle by dragging and dropping people into the white circle, which will prompt you to create a new circle.

Google+ allows you to choose whether to show photo geolocation information in newly uploaded albums and photos. Also, you can choose which people can automatically generate a link back to your profile when they tag you in a photo. In Google+, when a tag is approved, it is linked to your profile, and the photo is added to the Photos of you section. These settings can be changed by clicking on the Photos tab of your profile and clicking Edit Profile. You can also remove Photos from your profile altogether by unchecking the box Show this tab on your profile while editing your photos page, which will remove the visibility of your photo albums.

Like photos, you can remove the Video tab from your Google+ profile, which will remove the visibility of your videos. Just click on your Videos tab, click the blue Edit profile button and uncheck the box to Show this tab on your profile.

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