Saturday 30 July 2011

PretonSaver Home Edition: A Desktop App That Helps To Save Your Printer Ink.

The documents you print out often take up more printing ink than is actually required to do the job. This is primarily because of overlapping pixels that contribute towards the greater quality of the print. These overlapping pixels can be removed to save printer ink while maintaining the print quality. A desktop app called PretonSaver Home Edition lets you do exactly that.

PretonSaver Home Edition is a freeware for Windows. The application is sized under 1MB and lets you save a remarkable amount of ink in your printer’s cartridges. This is accomplished by removing the overlapping pixels in your documents and images. You can set the ink saving percentage from the slider available in the main program window. The higher percentage you choose, the more amount of ink saved. The app supports multiple printers and different settings for each.

Once your printing tasks have been completed, a report pops up in the lower right showing the amount of money you saved with respect to printer ink.

A detailed set of reports is also provided by the desktop application. This set of reports represents data graphically to give a clear indication of the amount of ink saved.

Prints through PretonSaver’s settings look the same for documents but slightly different for images and photographs. In either case however, the prints are clear and passable.


1.> A user-friendly desktop application.
2.> Compatible with Windows operating systems.
3.> Lets you save a remarkable amount of printer ink.
4.> Removes overlapping pixels in prints.
5.> Provides reports about the amount of printer ink you saved.

Check out PretonSaver Home Edition @ and get its activation code by registering @

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