Friday 29 July 2011

Fyels:Online File Hosting Without Waiting Times

Normally while sharing files online you opt for online file hosts. But often these hosts make the downloader wait a certain amount of time before they can download the uploaded file. Here to solve this issue in a most user-friendly manner possible is a web service called Fyels.

Fyels is a free to use file hosting site that is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is visit Fyels’ website and drag the file you want to share into your browser window. The maximum allowable file size is 2 GB. When the file is uploaded you are given a public URL from where the file can be downloaded along with a file deletion URL and password.

Visitors to the public URL can see the file name along with its extension, the file size, and the number of times the file has been downloaded. By clicking on the black “Download” button URL visitors can download your uploaded file without encountering any countdown timers.


1.> A user-friendly web service.
2.> Lets you upload files by dragging files into browser window.
3.> Maximum file size limit is 2 GB.
4.> Provides a public URL for the file.
5.> Provides a deletion URL and password.

Visit Fyels from here @

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