Sunday 31 July 2011

IconArchive: Get Free Icons For Your Desktop & Digital Projects

Whether you want to customize your desktop shortcuts or develop a website or applications, new icons will always come in handy. A resource for visually appealing icons, such as Icon Archive, therefore should be bookmarked by everyone.

Icon Archive is a free to use website that serves up a collection of various icons by graphic designers. In addition to customizing your desktop, you can use these icons in your projects and to get inspiration to create new icons. You can browse icons categorically according to the ones you need and they cover everything, ranging from music icons to social media.

For every set of icons, you are provided with an ‘iconset rating,’ the download stats, download size, and contained file formats.

People looking for custom icons can browse the site’s “artist cloud” to view the work of different graphic designers. This will help hirers find freelance workers.


1.> Free icons for web developers.
2.> Sort icons categorically.
3.> Offers a wide variety of icons.
4.> Icons can be used to customize desktop or in your projects.
5.> Shows an rating for every icon-set.
6.> Helps find freelance workers to create icons.

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