Saturday 30 July 2011

ISL: Remote Access Computers Via iPhone

Lots of solutions let you remotely view a computer using your smartphone, but almost all of them are tied to a specific operating system. ISL lets you remotely support Windows, Mac and even Linux computers using your iPhone/iPod or iPad. ISL works based on unique sessions and a session code is required to join an existing session.

ISL is a great way to provide remote technical support to your clients. If your client has already initiated a session, all you need to do is join using the code they provided. You can then view their screen, walk them through various functionalities and even text chat with them.

If you are creating a new session, you will need to have a valid ISL Online account which has a completely free 15 day trial but charges a nominal monthly fee after that. You will also need to install the ISLAlwaysOn application on the computer you want to access remotely.

ISL even works from behind a firewall, allows you to switch between multiple monitors, automatically adjusts your screen resolution, lets you remotely control the keyboard and mouse, reboot the computer and perform pretty much most of the tasks that you can do when by your computer. The connection is completely secure with an AES 256 encryption.

It is sad that the remote access feature only works on Windows based machines, but the plethora of features this app offers makes it a great tool.


1.> Provide remote support to clients using your iPhone.
2.> Control keyboard/mouse and run commands.
3.> Remotely control your Windows based PC.
4.> Adjusts screen resolution and lets you switch between monitors.
5.> Secure connection with 256 bit encryption.

Download ISLLight app from iTunes @

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