Tuesday 26 July 2011

Invite Others & Chat On Any Website @ Chattp

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to discuss a particular webpage to one or more of your friends or colleagues? Chattp is a web app that can help you easily chat on any website by augmenting your browser window with a real time chat panel on the left hand side. You can just share your Chattp link with your friends so that they can view the chat window that is incorporated with the webpage that you set.

To create a Chattp chat window, all you need to do is go to the app’s homepage and enter the URL where you want your chat window to appear. Upon clicking “Chattify”, you will be redirected to the URL you have specified with a chat window as a sidebar on the left side of the page. Now all you have to do is share the link to your friends in order to get the discussion rolling.

Each Chattp link is unique so you don’t have to worry about other strangers joining your chat window. Chattp is a simple and no-frills ad-hoc chat client which is very useful for discussing a website or any particular content of a website to your buddies.


1.> Create an ad-hoc, realtime chat window that is augmented with a particular webpage.
2.> Each Chattp links are unique so that multiple chats can take place in a single URL.
3.> Change your chat nickname.
4.> Free to use, no installation required.

Visit Chattp @ www.chattp.com

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