Wednesday 13 July 2011

Sooeet: All In One Unit Conversion & Calculation Site

Numerous websites offer dedicated converters and calculators for a variety of measurements. Normally we bookmark separate websites for each type of measurement such as weight, volume, mass, area, etc. Finally there is an all in one unit conversion and calculation website that covers all units used in our daily life, called Sooeet.

Sooeet is a free and simple to use website that offers conversion tools for a variety of measurements and units. You can find the categories available on the left. These categories range from weight and volume to temperature and torque. After clicking on a category you select a sub-calculator for units. Next you enter the value to be converted and click on the “Convert” button. Your required answer is displayed instantly. Sooeet will prove to be a very helpful website for science and engineering students. It will also be very helpful for people who use the metric and SI systems of measurement together.


A user-friendly website.
Displays answers in an instant.
Lets you convert and calculate measurements between units.
Covers a wide variety of measurements.
Very helpful for science and engineering students.
Will benefit people who use the metric and SI systems both.

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