Thursday 28 July 2011

SitePouch: View Multiple Sites Within The Same Tab & Share With Friends

Browser tabs are easier to deal with than multiple browser windows, there are still ways that browsing multiple websites could be made easier. One way is to divide the browsing area into different sections, one for each website. But that often leaves very little viewing room. Here to offer an effective solution for the issue along with helping you share a list of websites is a service called SitePouch.

SitePouch is a free to use website that lets you view multiple websites together. You start by visiting the homepage of SitePouch and entering the URLs of websites you want to visit. Next your websites list is stacked. Clicking on a site URL opens it up while the other sites remain on the stack. Clicking on a new site in the list opens it up and hides the previous site. In this simple manner sufficient viewing space is ensured.

SitePouch is also helpful in sharing a list of websites with your friends. Once you enter your list of websites, you are provided with a unique URL for your stack of websites. This URL can be saved or shared with friends; visitors to this URL are able to view the sites in the same way that you are.


1.> A user-friendly web service.
2.> Lets you view multiple websites within the same browser tab.
3.> Lets you easily browse and view multiple sites at once.
4.> Saves your list of sites under a unique URL.
5.> URL can be shared with friends to share your list of sites.

Visit SitePouch from here @

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