Sunday 10 July 2011 : Connect All Your Social Networks at One Place.

So many social networks we are using these days, it’s hard to direct friends and family to one place where they can find out everything they need to know about you. Blogs are a great place to share stories and embed pictures and video, but they aren’t ideal for connecting social networks as a hub or directory of your social presence on the Internet. If you’re looking to create a profile to connect all of your social networks, you may like options such as or, which allow you to create a one-page profile of you or your brand with links to your other social networks. Unfortunately, these services also overlay their own branding on your page.

new service on the scene that makes a profile page to connect all of your social networks is allows you to create a “beautiful, personalized page” that can essentially act like a business card online. is geared towards business to help “get customers in the door” but it can help individuals leverage their personal brand and reputation, too. Signing up is simple, and setting up your page is almost as easy. and offer ample customization features, but makes designing your page almost intuitive with modules to edit and add site info, the background, and your apps — all with drag and drop capability. The Apps feature of is what allows you to connect all your social networks in one place, giving you the ability to add a mailing list, your blog, Facebook, Twitter, a map of your location, YouTube, your Flickr photos, and more. Keep in mind, though, that is still in beta, so you may not find all the social networks you are looking for, especially new ones like Empire Avenue or Google+. also features analytics that track how many times your profile has been tweeted about or talked about on Facebook or LinkedIn. It also features how many times your has been visited in the past week, and whether they came from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google. You can also use your own domain to point to your profile to maintain your branding, whether for personal or business reasons.

Try out, by visiting at and simply sign up with your email address and username of your choice. Right now, the service is free while in beta, but adding your own domain does cost $9/month.

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