Monday 11 July 2011

Password Generator: Generate Multiple Passwords From A Master Password

Passwords need to be secure and ideally different for each website, but remembering so many passwords is not an easy task. Password Generator helps by letting you create multiple non-dictionary passwords from a single master password. Just enter your master password and the tool will generate individual passwords for you.

You can then enter these passwords on different websites and set your browser to remember them. If you ever change browsers or computers, simply enter the same master password again and the tool will create the exact same passwords. The passwords generated contain at least 1 letter and 1 number to meet password requirements for most of the sites.

1.> No registration required.
2.> Generate multiple passwords online from one master password.
3.> No need to remember individual passwords.
4.> Regenerate same passwords anytime from the master password.
5.> Generate as many passwords as you desire.

Visit Password Generator from here and share your review in the comments.

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