Saturday 2 July 2011

Facebook: Bringing Video Chat Via Skype!!!

Facebook was going to make this announcement this next week.They're planning on launching a video chat platform which will be powered by Skype. Facebook's Seattle team is behind this venture. Skype and Facebook already have a pretty strong relationship. The social networking giant had already come to Skype with social data integration and now it seems that Skype is coming to Facebook. Rumours of this service were already in motion last year but were never to be seen materialized.

This is interesting timing with Google's Google+ release which has a group video chat service called Hangouts. Hangouts has been gaining traction and integrating a group video chat service into a social network does seem to hold relevance. Whether Facebook's chat service will be group or not remains to be seen but if it does support group video, it outdoes the novelty of Google+ Hangouts. While neither Facebook, nor Skype have commented on the matter, the service is confirmed to launch next week.

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