Tuesday 5 July 2011

Alternative to Microsoft Office’s live and Google Docs

Alternative to Microsoft Office’s live online, then you should check out One Drum.

OneDrum is a collaboration tool that works with major Office apps like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. With this tool, you can share, edit, compare, and get feedback from your colleagues. In addition it uses P2P to service connections so that no One Drum network is reliant to a central server.

One Drum works by installing its desktop plugin where it connects your office software with the group. By itself, it allows for desktop apps that are talking with each other. Teams can use the chat window within the Office to get instant feedback. You can also share and e-mail documents to your friends and you are ensured of a stable connection as long as one of your friends is online.

One Drum hopes to spearhead the integration of their app to different online tools. For remote workers that are only partially convinced of the benefits of cloud computing, this tool provides a nice example of the balance of cloud and native applications.

1.> Collaboration platform for Microsoft office suites
2.> Hook up web application using the API
3.> Uses peer 2 peer instead of central servers
4.> Allows for collaborative desktop apps
5.> Works with desktop applications that you already have
6.> Chat inside documents for effective feedback

visit onedrum from here www.onedrum.com/
check video from here.

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