Friday 22 July 2011

Check Proper Word Usage : Netspeak

Many people who are still learning English usually have trouble writing phrases, especially on word usage. If you have this problem, check out Netspeak, a web app that can help you improve your English writing skills by guiding you on proper word usage. It is an online dictionary, but not in the usual sense since it provides word suggestions and the frequency of word usage.

Netspeak has four main functions. First, you can find the most appropriate word suggestions in a phrase by putting a “?” in place of a word on your query. You can also type in “*” in place of a word to find the most appropriate one, two, or three-word suggestions. Another expression that you can use is the square brackets “[, ]” for checking which of two or more words are commonly used. Finally, you can type the tilde sign “~” to find the best synonyms that are commonly written. Keep in mind that you may also combine different symbols within a query when using Netspeak.


1.> Online dictionary for searching for common language usage.
2.> Finds the most appropriate single or variable number of word suggestions.
3.> Finds the most common option among words.
4.> Suggests the best order of words.
5.> Finds the most commonly used synonyms.
6.> Displays frequency on how often the words are used relative to the other results.
7.> Displays examples on some of the search results.

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