Sunday 7 July 2013

Shopping Assistant: Check Prices Of Similar Items Across Various Online Retailers [Chrome]

Online shoppers are fully aware of the fact that the price of an item greatly varies across different online retailers. Thus it is best to look for similar items on various online retailers before you go ahead and buy something. Here to automatically give you a comparison of similar items on other online retailers is a tool called Shopping Assistant.

Shopping Assistant is a free to use browser extension for Google Chrome. The extension lets you compare the prices of items across various retailers. After you install the extension, you will find a newly placed box in the bottom left of the purchasing webpage of the item you are looking at. This box lets you search for similar items across Amazon, BestBuy, and eBay. Click on a button and corresponding results are expanded with their prices mentioned under them. Placing the mouse pointer over a result’s thumbnail enlarges the picture while clicking on it takes you to its page.

The extension supports popular sites such as eBay, Bestbuy, WalMart, Newegg,, slickdeals, Fatwallet, and more.


  • A user-friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Lets you compare item prices across various online stores.
  • Supports numerous popular online shopping websites.

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