Sunday 7 July 2013

Hygeia: Automate Tasks On Your Windows Computer

File management is a core feature of any desktop OS. But despite the advances in desktop software, we still find ourselves bogged down with menial tasks that suck out our productivity. If you get stuck with things like renaming, deleting, moving, extracting, and uploading of files, then you should check out Hygeia. This Windows app automates everyday computer tasks to simplify your life and save you time.

Hygeia can perform multiple actions in sequence like batch file manipulation, bulk renaming, MP3 tagging, and more. You can also integrate Hygeia with Facebook to automatically organize and upload your photos to your profile.

Hygeia also lets you set up rules to trigger actions as well as monitor specific folders for processing. For example, you can configure the app to organize your downloads into different folders based on file type. By being creative, you can also make it work with Dropbox or Google Drive to easily organize your files on the cloud.

This powerful app is available for Windows, although you will need .Net Framework 4.0 for it to work. Hygeia is a handy tool for any user looking to keep their desktop files organized, while simplifying tasks and saving time.


  • File management automator for Windows.
  • Organize your music and upload pictures to Facebook automatically.
  • Create rules and actions for automatic handling.
  • Scan file for quick actions.
  • Free and paid versions available.

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