Wednesday 17 July 2013

Nokia Lumia 520 is now the most popular Windows Phone handset globally

While the Windows Phone market is increasingly gathering steam as a good smartphone option, the most popular option in the platform seems to have been revealed. Last week, AdDuplex, the cross-promotion network for Windows 8 and Windows Phone app, was seen hinting that the Nokia Lumia 520 handset is currently the most popular Windows Phone handset globally, according to TNW.

While the data that AdDuplex was quoting remained unpublished at the time, the advertising solutions company has now put out the official figure. According to the data, it seems like the Lumia 520 controls a considerable 13.3 percent of the total Windows Phone market.
The rise of the Lumia 520 is a surprising one, keeping in mind that the earlier option, the Lumia 920, was also a popular phone with a market share of 12 percent in June, according to WMpoweruser. Since then it seems to have been pushed off its pedestal by the relatively inexpensive Lumia 520.

The data gathered by AdDuplex points out that Nokia seems to have widespread success with its low-end devices. It also seems like Microsoft was correct in tapping into the less developed markets for its sales. While other companies like Samsung, Apple and Google are fighting it out in saturated markets, the lower-income markets seem to be the secret behind the successful integration of the Windows Phone. Nokia, however, is not banking on low-end devices. The company has been making the news recently with the Lumia 1020, which comes with a 41 megapixel camera, a number that is mind boggling, to say the least.

The latest AdDuplex statistics does not just reveal the success that Nokia is enjoying, courtesy the Lumia 520. According to the latest figures, it seems like Nokia has a firm grim over 85 percent of the Windows Phone market. HTC follows up the massive lead in second place, coming in with 11.5 percent of the market share. Other companies don’t seem to factor much into the data, though. AdDuplex has also found that the current Windows Phone market is dominated by Windows Phone 8, which accounts for 61 percent of all global Windows Phone install base. This is good news for Microsoft simply because the older devices— Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5—cannot be upgraded to the latest platform.

While the data seems promising, it remains to be seen if Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform can stay consistent with its performance. Currently, the Windows Phone platform holds the third place in the global market in terms of shipment, after Android and iOS. But its strategy to target lower-income groups with low-end products may be a bit risky, seeing the cheaper options that other companies, most notably Samsung, bring to the table.    

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