Sunday 28 July 2013

Fleksy: An Excellent Predictive Text Input Application for iOS devices

Predictive text input and autocorrect options are now built into many modern phones. However the algorithms used by such functions are not very accurate and end up wasting time rather than saving it. Here to help solve this problem is an iOS application called Fleksy.

Fleksy is a free to use smartphone application for iOS devices. The app requires an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad device to be running version 5.1 or later of iOS. You can use Fleksy to type text predictively. People who have used the app have all applauded the app’s accuracy in predicting the words you want to type. Mainly, the app is targeted at user with impaired vision who cannot see the small letters clearly; all they have to do is tap the area on the keyboard where they think the alphabet is and then let the word form. Wrong word suggestions can always be corrected and punctuation marks can always be inserted. To port the composed text in an email or a text message, users will need to buy the full application that costs $9.99.


  • A user-friendly phone app
  • Compatible with iOS devices
  • Predicts text you want to type
  • You can correct wrong suggestions
  • You can insert punctuation

Check out Fleksy @

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